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TaylorMade Rocketballz Adjustable Drivers For Ultimate Distance

Posted on 27th Jun 2012 @ 11:14 AM

So what’s so good about TaylorMade’s new line of Rocketballz Clubs? Backed by the slogan more distance in every club, Rocketballz range of clubs is sure to impress. Guaranteeing maximum ball speed and pinpoint accuracy, Rocketballz clubs will go “like a rocket”.

Let’s begin by reviewing the Rocketballz Driver, Firstly Rocketballz has brought out two Driver models, Rocketballz and the Rocketballz Tour. Like the company’s recent “R” series drivers, both versions of the Rocketballz driver are adjustable. With the new Rocketballz Drivers customers are guaranteed tremendous distance gains, designed to help golfers generate more club head speed. One of the Rocketballz Drivers favourite feature is the golfers ability to optimise launch conditions for their swing by selecting one of eight settings that alter the head’s face angle, lie and loft. With all these extra features you are guaranteed a faster swing that delivers more distance. Whilst the new colour combination of a black face and matte-finished white crown makes it easier to align the club and square it to your target.

How about the Rocketballz Irons, all TaylorMade Rocketballz irons have thin, fast-flexing faces, a redesigned inverted clubface to expand the sweet spot, and a new feature called the “Toe-Bar” that increases accuracy. The Rocketballz Irons are intended to improve your precision with features to the ball flies long, high and straight. Engineered with metalwood construction and fast-flexing faces, the Rocketballz Irons will surprise with their maximum ball speed and pinpoint accuracy.

And finally the Rocketballz Fairway, a club that can ensure up to 17 yards longer than other woods. The crown’s matte-white finish and the black club face are the first two things you’ll notice when you look at one of these clubs, with the black face framing the ball and making the club easy to align.

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